Saturday, March 14, 2015

Looking to Buy British Chocolate

I thought the toughest thing about moving to New Zealand would be not having my Aunt’s famous Sunday’s Roasts or spending quality time with the family, but I couldn’t believe it when it was actually not being able to satisfy my sweet tooth.

I moved over here in early 2012 and for the first few months I completely forgot I was in a new country because of all the new people I was meeting and the fun I was having.

It was a few months later that I realised I actually do miss the UK when I saw a few friends from back home had posted photo’s on Facebook from the weekend. It did make me feel a little upset and homesick. I thought the only way to make me feel better would be chocolate, British chocolate that is.

I remember another expat mentioned to me a website called who actually send British chocolate to people living outside the UK. For me it was a life saver, I received the box of my favourite chocolates in the mail and eat all of them within the first hour.

I must confess I have now become a little addicted and buy a box of British chocolates as soon as I’ve finished the last one I received. This website is a must if you are missing the taste of home.