Friday, June 19, 2015

My Children Love The British Chocolate!

There are not many people in the world that don't like chocolate, most people love it. I have two children and 3 grandchildren. They all love to buy British chocolate which they get from

When my daughter got married, her new husband had to go away quite a lot with his job. One of the things he missed, apart from my daughter, was good old British chocolate. The chocolate he was able to get from other countries was just not nice.

He travelled extensively and always complained when he got home that chocolate just wasn't the same in other places. He travelled to the United States of America, Australia, South Africa, France, Austria and Germany. Whenever he was away he would try out all the local foods but good chocolate was something he could not find.

My daughter came across the website Jolly Goods whilst looking at the Internet. Now Jolly Goods were like a dream come true. She was so excited about her find and put an order in right away. With Jolly Goods you could send British chocolate to family and other loved ones when they were away from home. This site was fantastic and a great bonus for my son in law.

My daughter was able to send him all his favourite British chocolates whilst he was away from home. He loved kit kats and bounty bars and she was able to send a box of these to wherever he was staying. He does not work away anymore but they still use Jolly Goods ( and have recommended it to tons of people.  

Both their children have used it loads as they have both been away from home for quite long periods.  One went on an exchange trip with university and the other one spent some time each year at camp America. My daughter was able to send all their favourite chocolates to the countries they were at.  One of the children loved smarties, kit kats, Rolo's and chocolate buttons.

Jolly Goods were able to provide all these and they arrived in great condition.  The other child loved plain British chocolate bars like dairy milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Jolly Goods have an huge range of British chocolate so it is just a case of picking the sweets that people want and ordering them.

My grandchild that went to America working at a camp for a few summers recommended Jolly Goods to lots of her colleagues.  Her friends were able to order kit kats, Mars bars, milky ways, ripples, crunchies, chocolate buttons, minstrels, maltesers - the list is endless.

What is great about Jolly Goods is that the British chocolate that you pick is sent promptly and arrives in tip top condition. The Jolly Goods team are very helpful and ordering is easy to do so that you can buy British chocolate anywhere in the world. You can even now set up subscriptions for your favourite British chocolate from Jolly Goods.

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